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The History Channel

Jurassic Fight Club: Season 1 DVD Set

20% off

Sale $31.99
Reg. $39.95

  • Format: Box Set, Color, DVD-Video, NTSC
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Number of Discs: 4
  • Run Time: 9 Hours 36 Minutes
  • Region: Region 1
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Language: English
  • Studio: History Channel
  • For over a century, historians and scientists have been piecing together a history of the prehistoric world. This series examines the ultimate fighters of this unique period – gigantic beasts that stalked the earth millions of years ago. Some of these dinosaurs were larger than seven-story buildings, and hunted their prey with strategy and cunning, transforming the prehistoric world into a battlefield.
  • The temperature, terrain, and innate sense of the opponent’s weaknesses and strengths all played a role in how each dinosaur planned his attack. Today, paleontologists are uncovering these fighting grounds and are gaining startling new insight into how maneuverability, team coordination, and striking at the exact moment meant survival. Blow by blow, each episode will dissect these battles, revealing a predatory world far more calculated – and complex – than we originally thought. Packed new scientific discoveries and state-of-the-art CGI, JURASSIC FIGHT CLUB: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE includes all 12 episodes on 4 DVDs.
  • Bonus Features: Additional Footage
  • DISC ONE: Cannibal Dinosaur / T-Rex Hunter / Gang Killers / Bonus: Additional Footage
  • DISC TWO: Bloodiest Battle / Deep Sea Killers / Hunter Becomes Hunted
  • DISC THREE: Biggest Killers / Raptor's Last Stand / Ice Age Monsters
  • DISC FOUR: River of Death / Raptor vs. T-Rex / Armageddon
  • Volume 1: Cannibal Dinosaur / T-Rex Hunter / Gang Killers / Bonus
  • CANNIBAL DINOSAUR: On the island of Madagascar, one of the most terrifying predators of its time--Majungatholus--attacks a female of the species who is more interested in protecting her baby than mating.
  • T-REX HUNTER: No animal would dare attack an adult Tyrannosaurus rex, but juvenile T-rexes were a different matter, and ferocious Nanotyrannus found them tantalizing prey.
  • GANG KILLERS: A pack of deadly Deinonychus raptors with razor-sharp claws takes on Tenontosaurus, a creator more than twice the raptor’s size.
  • Volume 2: Bloodiest Battle / Deep Sea Killers / Hunter Becomes Hunted
  • BLOODIEST BATTLE: In a lake bed located in present day Utah, paleontologists uncovered thousands of dinosaur bones, all with gashes and tooth marks that indicate a violent end. The evidence points to two suspects: the Ceratosaurus and the Allosaurus. Had scientists stumbled across a mass prehistoric feeding ground?
  • DEEP SEA KILLERS: Millions of years ago, Megaladon was the apex predator of the seas. Evidence shows that it roamed every ocean on Earth, but a discovery in 1992 uncovered another deep sea monster that would have rivaled Megaladon’s dominance in its own territory--the biting sperm whale.
  • HUNTER BECOMES HUNTED: In a Colorado quarry, the bones of two super predators, Ceratosaurus and Allosaurus, lay side by side with the gashed bones of two docile herbivores. CAT scan and forensic evidence help paleontologists discover which of the predators was responsible for the carnage.
  • Volume 3: Biggest Killers / Raptor's Last Stand / Ice Age Monsters
  • BIGGEST KILLERS: After studying some of the most monstrous dinosaurs ever imagined, from the Utahraptor to the gargantuan Tyrannosaurus rex, scientists reveal the killer responsible for more deaths than all other predators combined.
  • RAPTOR’S LAST STAND: 120 million years ago, two species of raptor became competitors when heat and drought caused their food supply to dwindle. Gastonia, armored like a prehistoric tank, employs its built-in early warning system to ward off the encroaching Utahraptor, the largest raptor on the planet.
  • ICE AGE MONSTERS: In a Wyoming cave, the simultaneous discovery of the remains of a Giant Short-Faced Bear and a Mega Lion, two of the largest predatory mammals of North America, had scientists questioning how the changing ecosystem could support two predators of such raw size and power. Were these two giants forced to go head to head over their prey?
  • Volume 4: River of Death / Raptor vs. T-Rex / Armageddon
  • RIVER OF DEATH: On a battleground in ancient Canada, an entire heard of plant-eating Pachyrhinosaurus die in a single event. The attackers: a pair of fierce, agile, and terrifying carnivores called Albertosaurus.
  • RAPTOR VS. T-REX: The mummified skin and bones of a duckbilled Edmontosaurus unearthed in the South Dakota Badlands reveal compelling evidence of a vicious attack by not one, but two prehistoric predators.
  • ARMAGEDDON: When an asteroid the size of Mt. Everest slams into the Earth with the force of one million nuclear bombs, it sets ablaze the entire biomass, killing millions of creatures and ending dinosaurs’ domination of the planet. more info

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